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Sunday, January 6, 2013

amal maruf nahi mungkar

do not confius between agama n politic.disebabkan politic dlm islam maka lahir pelbagai mazhab.atas sbb pemahaman yg berbeza..apabila kita mempromosikan pemahaman (ideology) kita pd org lain akan melahirkan pengikut..siapa target market utk mempromosikan ideology anda?people who dont have the basic knowledge on appealing to find god are the easiest preys.brainwashed..planting seed into their mind that other than this ideology r false n fraud.

ur ideology become true in ur mind (mind set mind believe).without notice u had become an agent to promote the ideology to ur family n friends as well. this ideology grew bigger n the market force pull everyone to accept this ideology as way of life (trends)..

my friend: god is near to u.it just require for u to seek takwa (be aware of god existence) to see what is actually quran n islam is all about..amal soleh is a part of islam.menyuruh org buat kebaikan dan menghindari drpd buat kejahatan.itu adalah ayat yg some people tafsir sbg ayat arahan yg menyuruh org g belajar agama.tak belajar agama akan masuk neraka.simple as that.mandatory.

but actually ayat itu menyuruh kita melakukan kebaikan antara manusia-manusia,manusia-kehidupan,manusia-environment.jgn menjahanamkan hubungan tersebut utk kepentingan peribadi (mungkar).ayat itu jg bersifat directive kpd setiap individu..

apakah dgn belajar agama akan mengurangkan sinner?it is subjective answer..

menyampah bila islam dipolitikkan dan lg menyampah bila org mempolitikkan islam.utk tujuan tertentu.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


i dont understand people of 'i m holier than thou' clan way of thinking..isu regarding amanat hadi was obviously 'mengkafirkan' org islam.that happen during early 80's..today FB showed so many people trying to uphold the amanat hadi.they sd that during that time UMNO was not doing their job protecting islam.the gov was pro-western life style..etc..those yg percaya reasons yg PAS bg r either having mental disease coz ur mind couldnt think straight or u r soo much into entertainment..

there is no way u can tell someone that they r kafir..nothing in quran permits u to mengkafirkan org..kafir means that they r not believe in god.to an extent (sunni) define kafir as someone who refuse to believe in god n rasul..

even when u believe in god it dont make u invulnerable from making sin.punishment for sinner cannot be weight using dacing.it is beyond our knowledge n comprehension.so jgn la berlagak mcm ulama serba tau..menyampah.spesis mcm ni patut dh pupus.tp lewat ni makin byk pulak.mcm cendawan lepas hujan.make me curious..so mmg benar la religion makes money..

buat people of holier than thou.korg tak patut buat amanat memgkafirkan org.bg la reason mcmana skali pun buat aku lg menyampah.in my thought u r special people who were given special ticket to heaven should know better that mengkafirkan org adalah spt 'playing god'..n what makes u?demigod?

payah kalau org blajar hadis lebih dr mengaji quran..mcm org kaya tp sebenarnya conman..

saturday 5/1/2013

FACEBOOK dh jd marketing tools for religious freak

y so many friends post on religion matters in my FB?since when aku jd ustaz atau ada intention nk jd ustaz?i believe in quran n i treat myself like a non muslim who had a revelation through quran only.fiqh or whatever i put aside first.n aku cukup tak gemar org yg baca quran tp habuk tak phm quran. lepas tu ada lak yg bg fatwa sapa yg tk pergi blajar agama nanti masuk neraka.wow.aku n majority masuk neraka.u guys "surely" akan masuk syurga.these kind of people r mentioned in quran about muhamad telling a group so called special to longing for death if they r truthful.ingat mati.or drop dead n see what is on the otherside waiting for u.ada brani?that is a lesson u will learn in quran if u r sincere..tp byk tafseer kata itu hanya utk jews..up to u la..malas nk layan people of simpleton mind..aku nk je offline FB.coz FB dh jd mengarut..thought it could b useful for us to share hapines n sadnes n shout out news.not to b used s tools to market religion..market brg or product bleh la..most of ayat in quran suruh kita ingat tuhan (takwa) n buat baik (b a good doer) di atas muka bumi ni.let starts with that..takyah la ajak org g semayang tepat waktu or what ever..focus on good deeds first..ajak kwn bersedekah.tolong org susah.buat CSR.help each other.dont b hot tempered.jgn suka berpolitik.jgn menipu.take responsibility.considerate.tolerate..etc..religion bukan tugas ulama.tp tugas individu utk mencari tuhan n submit into god system.treat urself s non muslim.then u shall understand what islam as mention in quran..put aside everything n just read tafseer.keep on reading.then start question this n that to ur ustaz.with takwa n by using ur common sense n IQ to evaluate their answer.may god b with u..

Thursday, January 3, 2013


still blum tidur.but i had my sleep at afternoon.off petang.after lunch cabut balik umah.dgn izin tn.hj zul..

pagi ni xm subject land law 1.boleh bawa akta dlm xm hall.so i try my best to cover case law.i m no good in remembering names.thus giving me hard time to master all the case law.so spot question je la..hopefully everything i had memorized masuk xm.

skrang tgh take 5.listening to radio classic rock via astro channel 860.my lovely wife n daughter tgh sedap tidur.

this morning bsya starts school.orientation day.class starts at 8.30am n finished at 10.30am.her ummy going to send her to school. bsya veru xcited to go to school.i asked her 'do u miss school?' n she replied 'yes' with her tones of excitement..she is going to meet new friends.she may feel ackward at first.as usual.but that time will pass without notice when she gets to know her classmates.i dont know which class she will b attended to n who is her teacher.yet to know..

by the way i shall miss watching my bsya 1st day school.that is a sacrifice that i have to bare..sorry sayang..i pray for u all the best..love u..