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Sunday, January 6, 2013

amal maruf nahi mungkar

do not confius between agama n politic.disebabkan politic dlm islam maka lahir pelbagai mazhab.atas sbb pemahaman yg berbeza..apabila kita mempromosikan pemahaman (ideology) kita pd org lain akan melahirkan pengikut..siapa target market utk mempromosikan ideology anda?people who dont have the basic knowledge on appealing to find god are the easiest preys.brainwashed..planting seed into their mind that other than this ideology r false n fraud.

ur ideology become true in ur mind (mind set mind believe).without notice u had become an agent to promote the ideology to ur family n friends as well. this ideology grew bigger n the market force pull everyone to accept this ideology as way of life (trends)..

my friend: god is near to u.it just require for u to seek takwa (be aware of god existence) to see what is actually quran n islam is all about..amal soleh is a part of islam.menyuruh org buat kebaikan dan menghindari drpd buat kejahatan.itu adalah ayat yg some people tafsir sbg ayat arahan yg menyuruh org g belajar agama.tak belajar agama akan masuk neraka.simple as that.mandatory.

but actually ayat itu menyuruh kita melakukan kebaikan antara manusia-manusia,manusia-kehidupan,manusia-environment.jgn menjahanamkan hubungan tersebut utk kepentingan peribadi (mungkar).ayat itu jg bersifat directive kpd setiap individu..

apakah dgn belajar agama akan mengurangkan sinner?it is subjective answer..

menyampah bila islam dipolitikkan dan lg menyampah bila org mempolitikkan islam.utk tujuan tertentu.

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